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Scholarship Fund: Give the gift of English

Empower the futures of aspiring learners by supporting Fluent's mission to provide vital English language support to underprivileged immigrants, refugees, and foreigners who are striving to build new lives. Your donation plays a pivotal role in helping these individuals overcome language barriers and gain the skills they need to integrate, communicate, and succeed in their adopted countries. By contributing, you're not just giving financially; you're empowering a diverse group of individuals to become self-reliant, confident, and active participants in their communities. Join us in breaking down linguistic obstacles, fostering inclusivity, and creating opportunities for a better tomorrow. Your generosity today directly impacts the journeys of those seeking brighter and more promising futures.

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Our Students' Stories

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Gabby is from Bolivia, where she used to work as a dentist. She mostly speaks Spanish and has moved to the to the USA about a year ago. She started learning English with Fluent English because she needed to speak it to communicate and make friends.Gabby's dream is to work as a dentist in the  U.S. someday. Learning with Fluent has been great. Gabby met people from all over the world, and in every class, she gets to talk to other students.


"I'm super happy and thankful to Fluent for giving me this chance to learn a new language in a new place."



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