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Student Interview: Meet Vira!

When it comes to learning a new language, it's like opening the door to a world of possibilities. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Vira, a Ukrainian ESL student who's finding real value in Fluent's English program. Vira's experience with Fluent has been a game-changer in her language-learning journey, not just in terms of speaking English, but in how it's shaping her life. Join us as we explore Vira's story and how Fluent is making her language dreams a reality.

Fluent: What motivated you to start learning English at Fluent, and how has your motivation evolved throughout your learning journey?

Vira: I started learning English a year ago, and my life is my motivation. I needed more information and grammar. I needed to study in the evenings. Fluent English was what I needed.

Fluent: Can you share some of the most effective learning strategies or resources you've discovered while studying English at Fluent?

Vira: The most effective learning strategy is constant contact with the teacher, availability of information, a lot of communication, a positive attitude, and a good explanation of new information.

Fluent: Describe a specific challenge you encountered while learning English, and how did you overcome it with the support of Fluent's program?

Vira: My problem is the fear of starting a conversation. I understand that I make mistakes and this stops me. But with the Fluent conversation club, I believed in myself.

Fluent: In what ways has Fluent's teaching approach and curriculum enhanced your language skills compared to previous methods or experiences?

Vira: Fluent English is the best program I've used this year. It gives an understanding of the language. It is not just memorization.

Fluent: Have you had the opportunity to engage in conversational practice through Fluent, and if so, how has this impacted your fluency and confidence?

Vira: Yes, I sometimes participate in the conversation club. I am very thankful. I hope for the continuation of this club.

Fluent: Could you highlight any cultural insights or experiences you've gained while learning English at Fluent that have broadened your understanding of English-speaking societies?

Vira: It was a wonderful experience communicating with students from different continents and countries. I'm grateful, it has opened the door to the world.

Fluent: Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations related to your English language proficiency, and how do you plan to continue your learning journey with Fluent?

Vira: My goal and my dream is to speak English calmly and confidently and understand English speech. This is the future for me and my children. English is a learning prospect and a way to a new job. I hope that Fluent is the way to my dream.

Fluent: Do you have anything else you would like to add about your time with Fluent?

Vira: I am happy because I have the opportunity to learn with your team! Thank you, this is a big and hard job. I am grateful and really looking forward to new knowledge!

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