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Main Character Energy: Let's Review 2023's Top 20 Slang Vocabulary

Get ready to level up your linguistic game because we're about to dive into the top slang words of 2023, straight from the mouths of teenagers and onto the digital canvas of our daily conversations. Based on various surveys of young Americans (12-18), these slang words are the keys to understanding Gen Z's unique lexicon. From "sus" to "vanilla," we've got the lowdown on the words that shaped and influenced this year's social discourse.

  1. Sus Definition: Giving the impression that something is questionable or dishonest; suspicious. Usage: "Her excuse for being late was so sus – I think she was up to something."

  2. Bet Definition: An expression that gives affirmation, agreement or acknowledgement of good news. Usage: "Hey man, I just got us tickets to the concert!" "Bet! That's awesome, man!"

  3. Yeet Definition: To throw an object that you deem to be worthless, inferior, or just plain garbage. Usage: "Missed the trash can, so I yeeted the crumpled paper across the room."

  4. Salty Definition: When you are upset over something little. Usage: "Don't be salty just because I beat you in the game."

  5. Cap Definition: Another word for lying. It can be used like no cap or you can say stop capping. Usage: "He said he has a pet dragon, no cap."

  6. Extra Definition: Being over the top, excessive, dramatic behavior. Usage: "Bringing a three-course meal to a movie night is a bit extra, don't you think?"

  7. Bussin' Definition: What you would say if something was really good. Usage: "This new restaurant downtown is bussin'! The food is amazing."

  8. Bougie Definition: Used to describe someone as high class, literally or figuratively. Usage: "She only shops at exclusive boutiques – so bougie."

  9. Sheesh Definition: An expression when you’re impressed or amazed by something. Usage: "She finished the marathon in record time. Sheesh, that's impressive!"

  10. Drip Definition: When something is very cool. Can be used to describe an outfit/accessory, person, song, etc. Usage: "Check out his outfit; it's dripping with style."

  11. Rent-Free Definition: Living in someone's mind without paying rent; occupying someone's thoughts excessively. Usage: "That movie was hilarious, it's living rent-free in my head."

  12. Shook Definition: Being shocked or surprised. When you can't believe what you're seeing. Usage: "Her announcement left me shook. I never saw that coming."

  13. Vibe Check Definition: Assessing the atmosphere or mood of a situation. Usage: "Before we go in, let's do a quick vibe check. How's everyone feeling?"

  14. Rizz Definition: To flirt with or charm someone, coming from charisma. Usage: "John's trying to rizz up the girl at the bar, it's not working so well."

  15. Amped Definition: Excited or energized. Usage: "I'm amped for the weekend. Let's make it memorable."

  16. Basic Definition: Conforming to mainstream trends; lacking originality. Usage: "Her taste is so basic – she only likes what's popular."

  17. All the Feels Definition: Overwhelmed by emotions; experiencing a range of feelings. Usage: "That movie gave me all the feels. I laughed and cried."

  18. Be So for Real Definition: Emphasizing the sincerity or authenticity of a statement, implying seriousness or honesty. Usage: "I just got fired from my job." "No way, be so for real right now."

  19. Main Character Energy Definition: Exhibiting confidence and self-assuredness. Usage: "She walked in with main character energy – everyone noticed."

  20. Vanilla Definition: Plain, ordinary, lacking excitement or variation. Usage: "His presentation was so vanilla – no creativity whatsoever."


Now that you're equipped with the hottest slang of 2023, go out there and slay those conversations. From "sus" situations to feeling "amped" about life, these words are your passport to understanding the linguistic landscape of today's youth. So, the next time someone asks if you're vibing with the latest slang, just reply with a confident "bet!"

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