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Interview: Why is learning English important for employees?

In this week's blog post, we had the pleasure of interviewing Hamza Wardere, the CEO of Everyday Investors. Hamza is a highly accomplished real estate investor, developer, and guru. With over 15 employees specializing in construction, renovations, and engineering, Hamza brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the realm of employee management.

Fluent: How would you describe the importance of English as a Second Language (ESL) training for your workers?

Hamza: Learning English is incredibly important to Everyday Investors because over half of my employees have no ability to communicate in English. We would rely on translation apps like Google Translate and iPhone messaging to overcome language barriers, but we still faced difficulties in understanding each other.

Fluent: In your experience, how does ESL training benefit both the individual employees and the organization as a whole?

Hamza: In my experience, ESL training benefits both individual employees and the organization as a whole in several ways. First, improved communication skills lead to better results and happier clients. When employees can effectively communicate in English, they can understand and fulfill client needs more accurately, reducing misunderstandings and increasing client satisfaction. This helps in maintaining a positive reputation for the organization and can lead to increased business opportunities. ESL training also helps to prevent the waste of time and resources that happens due to miscommunication. When everyone in the organization can understand and convey information clearly, there is a reduced need to repeat tasks or correct errors caused by misunderstandings. This ultimately saves the organization money and allows for more efficient operations.

Fluent: Are there any particular roles or positions within your company where strong English language skills are especially crucial?

Hamza: Strong English language skills are especially crucial in management positions within Everyday Investors. Managers handle various tasks and projects, and effective communication is vital for successful leadership. Good English skills helps my managers communicate clearly with employees and stakeholders, providing instructions, addressing concerns, and ensuring smooth coordination.

Fluent: What are some barriers your workers face in pursuing English language Training Support and how does Fluent English help you in overcoming these barriers?

Hamza: My workers face challenges in pursuing English language training support that include limited time availability and doubts about their learning abilities. Fluent English helps us overcome these barriers with its flexible approach and tailored solutions. They offer evening and weekend classes that can be accessed from anywhere, allowing employees to attend sessions outside of work hours and balance their personal commitments. They also provide personalized learning paths, considering that employees may have different proficiency levels. This approach allows my employees to learn at their own pace and receive targeted support for specific language challenges. With Fluent English, my workers can overcome time constraints and varying skill levels, making English language training more accessible and effective for them.

Fluent: How does ESL training align with your company's core values and long-term vision? What role does it play in your talent development and retention strategies?

Hamza: ESL training aligns closely with our company's core values and long-term vision. We value inclusivity, effective communication, and continuous learning. By providing ESL training, we make sure that our employees have the opportunity to enhance their language skills. It also helps us empower our employees to expand their skill sets and become more versatile in their roles. This not only boosts their confidence and job satisfaction but also increases their value to Everyday Investors.

To learn more about our customized English programs, book your placement test below:

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